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You want to check out our services before you sign up? Here's the place to do it! Make sure you try out both demos (preferrably the Attorney demo first) to get the full feel of the Virtual Office of Patent Attorney.

There are two clients in this demo, both with different file access rights. In this demo attorney John provided the access rights to the file invoice.doc only to Pablo. Therefore Mr. Bill Smith cannot see this file. However both Pablo and Bill have the rights to the file powerofattorney.doc.

Under the demo mode you cannot add events, projects, change contacts etc. When you become proper user these restrictions are lifted.

Attorney Demo
Login as attorney with this login and password:
Login: john
Password: tester

Client Demo
Login as client with this login and password
Login: pablo
Password: inventor

Login as another client with this login and password:
Login: smith
Password: trademark

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