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Virtual Office of Patent Attorney

WHO can use the Virtual Office of Patent Attorney?
Every patent or trademark attorney added to the Better Directory of Patent Attorneys.
WHY to use the Virtual Office of Patent Attorney?
Just few examples:

- You will never again miss any important deadline. In Calendar, you create an event e.g. for March 25 2006 10:30 with customized note. You will be notified by email or SMS* on March 25 2006 10:30 (with 15 minutes accuracy!). You can create unlimited number of events.

- It communicates with you or your client in 25 languages.

- It is independent of your computer. You can use it from every internet enabled computer in the world. You just need to know login and password.

- It is independent of your computer, so you will not loose your data when your computer crash because of virus.

- You can easily import all your contacts from your email client e.g. MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express.

- You can keep track of your budget and time spent on patent, trademark applications. See the statistics, how much money and time you have spent on each project.

- You can implement client side of virtual office to your web site to serve your clients. Your clients will not notice the virtual office is running on our website.

- You can chat with your clients and provide customer support.

- You can securely exchange documents with your clients. Take advantage of virtual office files exchange when you have problems with sending/receiving large files by email. You need upload large files just once. Then indicate the persons (clients) allowed to view and to download your files.

- Manual for users available.

- And many more... See the demo.

- Single mode: views for day, week, month and full list
- Repeat events: each day, week, month or year
- Assign a comment, contact or project to an event
- Keep an event private or allow to publish
- Start and end time of an event clickable
- reserve resources (e.g. rooms) for events
- SMS* or email reminder
- print each view

Contact manager
- Import/export contacts in different formats (e.g. MS Outlook)
- sort by all categories up and down
- history: view related notes for a contact
- filter system

- Subprojects with unlimited depth
- List of projects with tree structure
- Timeline/Gantt diagram of all projects
- view related notes or files

- view members who are online
- Save actual discussion in a file

Request tracker
- aka known as help desk or trouble ticket system
- Customer adds request on special page
- searchable knowledge base of solved requests
- automatic confirmation by mail
- automatic or manual assignment to users
- List- und Form view
- Sort- und Filterfunctions
- Define a request as a subproject

Mail client
- pop3 or imap access
- send and receive mails
- ascii or html format, attachments
- supports several accounts
- rules to assign mails to folders
- display mails in tree structure with folders
- Fax and SMS support

- files, intranet links and directories
- tree structure with folders
- restricted access system for each file
- table view of all group related documents
- sort by all categories
- upload section

- Save your personal memos and thoughts
- Quick overview on all notes, edit function
- assign a contact or project to a note
- Kepp a note private or open to the group
- Copy or mail to another user
- Full text search

- Bookmark list for a quick access to important URL's
- editor to insert new bookmarks
- check for double entries

- Small window that shows the actual events
- Additional option: allert box reminds you before an event

Search System
- full textr search in single module or ..
- complete site search

and more ...

*(SMS reminder) You have to use 3rd party email to SMS service provided either by the cell-phone company (Vodafone, Orange etc.) or by SMS service providers.

In either case, the field "sms" has to contain the according user's SMS/e-mail address. Example: If user Pablo Esperanza has the cellphone number 0174-57283, "sms" should contain the value We will assist you in this matter by request.

Please feel free to ask any question.

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