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Why to get listed in the directory?

This website and the directory is a one-stop resource for intellectual property professionals. Our traffic is increasing each month. We anticipate further growth as our directory grows.

Our visitors are targeted, and come here with the intention of finding patent attorney or comparing patent attorneys.

We have more than 800 visitors a week from all over the world. 90% of our traffic is made up of IP practitioners.

Our directory of patent attorneys is focused and fast growing place visited by patent attorneys all around the world.

We do NOT act as patent attorneys and we are NOT in relation to any patent attorney!

How to get listed in the directory?
Note: We accept only firms of patent attorneys or similar Intellectual Property professional agencies. We reserve the right to include only those listings that we feel have the right focus for our web site visitors.

To qualify to get your site listed in the better directory of patent attorneys you have to place a reciprocal link to us on your web site.

We use an automated link checker. As long as there is a link to us, your site will be listed.

1. The link must be placed on a visible and non discreditable place of your web site.
2. There must be a direct link from your home page to the subpage on your web site (where the link to us is placed). No more than one level deep.
3. No more than 5 links to other websites on the same page (subpage).

Feel free to use one of the links below to link to us. Copy the appropriate HTML code into your page source.

European Patent - cheaper alternative

<a href="">European Patent - cheaper alternative</a>

Better directory of patent attorneys

<a href="">Better directory of patent attorneys</a>

After you have placed a link to us click the "Suggest New Attorney" in an appropriate category . Do not forget to fill in a reciprocal link to us.

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