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How much will European Patent cost?

The cost for filing a European patent application varies according to the number of the States selected and includes the fee for filing, the search fee, the translation and the costs for the arrangement of the application.

After the research of novelty and the payment of the examination fee, the patent may be granted or rejected. If the patent is accepted, it will be necessary to file a translation in every selected State and pay the relative fee.

Typical filing costs:

Official fees + service charges,
excluding VAT
approx. $1800
Each member country originally indicated (max. 7 fees)
approx. $115

However, you have to count with further significant costs during the search, examination and grant stages.

The cost involved overall throughout the application procedures is roughly equivalent to the cost of obtaining separate national patents in three European countries.

A European Patent is therefore a much cheaper way of protecting an invention in up to 26 countries.

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