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European Patent is easier and cheaper alternative to obtaining national patents in the countries which are members of the European Patent Convention.

With one unique European patent application, drafted in one of the official languages (English, French or German) and filed in one filing office, the steps of the grant procedure can be unified.

Once the European Patent has been granted the applicant will hold a bundle of up to 26 national patents in accordance with the designations chosen by the Applicant at the filing date.

The aim is to make the protection of inventions in the member countries cheaper and more reliable by creating a single procedure for the grant of patents.

The European patent may derive from an independent patent application or, as a regional patent, from an International patent application: this is the case of a Euro-PCT.

Member countries are not only the EU countries, but also the other countries that joined the agreement.

Why European Patent?


Significant cost savings if three or more European member countries are chosen.

Simpler administration because the application passes through a single search and examination process in one language (English, French or German).

The costs of translating the application into each of the languages of the chosen member countries are posponed until grant of the patent is obtained.

You pay only one grant fee to the EPO.

  Within 9 months from grant of the Patent third parties can file opposition at the EPO. If the opposition results in the patent being refused or restricted in scope, this is effective in all of the member countries chosen.

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